Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

DRVR’s mission is to improve the vehicle owner's ability to collect data and take action on such data to improve operations and efficiency of a vehicle or fleet of vehicles, through the use of advanced mobile technology and connectivity. To achieve this mission our applications and services collect, store and analyze a variety of vehicle and driver related data, through embedded technology in the vehicle, on a mobile device and via cloud-based services.

 This statement is intended to clearly explain in simple, readable language what data we collect and how it is used. If after reading this statement you have any additional questions, please contact us via email at 

1 Information we collect

 The apps, devices and services we use may collect information related to the vehicle's mechanical and electrical operation, as well as the driver’s actions while operating the vehicle in order to provide services. In addition to that apps (including Drive Safe, Drive Smart by FORTE, Fleet Safe, Fleet Guard), collect location data for automatic trip detection in the background.

2 Use of your data 

We may conduct aggregated user data research about our users' behavior and demographics based on the information provided through the use of our services, for the purposes of improving our services. Such research will only compile user data statistics in an aggregated and anonymous way. We may share these statistics with affiliates and business partners. 

3 App-Usage Data 

We may utilize analytics tools to track in-app behavior anonymously for the purpose of informing future product improvements and creating a better DRVR experience. Examples of in-app behavior include frequency of use, user retention, and in-app pageviews. 

4 Third Party and Disclosure

 There may be some circumstances in which your data may be shared with certain third parties. These are outlined below: 

  1. Business transfer: in the event of a sale, merger, dissolution or similar event of DRVR, data held by us may be part of the transferred business assets. 

  2. Service providers: we may hire third parties to help us perform business functions in support of our services. In this event, any third parties will only be provided with the data necessary to perform their specific function, and the use of this data will only be to perform the specific requested function. 

5 Definitions 

5.1 Driver: the operator of a vehicle, who may not be the direct customer of DRVR. They may be employed by or use the service on behalf of our customer.

5.2 Embedded Technology: refers to a device which is physically installed in the vehicle being connected to by DRVR. 

5.3 Mobile Device: Refers to a device which communicates via a GSM or Satellite network, which may be a smartphone or some other device. 

5.4 Cloud-based Services: Refers to the DRVR analytics platform, which is located remotely and requires data to be sent via the Internet.

6 Communication

If you choose to share contact information with us (such as an email address), we may use this information to send you updates about our services from time to time. If this information is promotional in nature, we will provide an opt-out option. 

7 Changes to this policy 

We reserve the right to change our Privacy Policy in the future without prior notice. The services we offer are likely to evolve, as a result it is likely that our Privacy Policy will need to be revised accordingly. Any changes to our privacy policy will be posted here. 


Please contact our Chief Executive Officer at if you have further questions or concerns about your data. 

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